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  • Annexation bill passes

    Fri, 8:59am

    SALEM, Ore. -- Senate Bill 121 has now become law in light of an ordered annexation in Milton-Freewater.

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  • The tax man doesn't get it all

    Fri, 8:57am

    PENDLETON, Ore. -- Tens of millions of tax dollars seems like a lot of money ... until you break it down.

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  • Two worker bills pass

    Fri, 8:51am

    SALEM, Ore. -- Two bills described as in favor of workers' rights are awaiting Gov. Kate Brown's signature.

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  • RICO experience will help D.A. office

    Fri, 8:45am

    PENDLETON, Ore. -- The first-ever RICO charges used against someone in Umatilla County in the case against the United Aryan Empire is valuable experience the D.A. office can use in the future.

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  • Walla Walla police address shootings

    Fri, 8:41am

    WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- About 60 concerned citizens voiced their concerns to Walla Walla police on gang shootings in the last month while police expressed what they're doing to prevent further crimes.

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  • 'Upskirt' bill gets thumbs up

    Fri, 8:21am

    SALEM, Ore. -- The Oregon Legislature has approved a bill that closes loopholes in a law that allowed a 61-year-old man to take a photo up a teen's skirt.

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