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Pretrial hearing set for DUI crash defendant

Michelle Dawn Fry

PENDLETON, Oregon – There will be a pretrial hearing Tuesday in the case against Michelle Dawn Fry, 45, of Umatilla. She is charged with allegedly driving under the influence on Dec. 6 when she crashed in to a vehicle, killing its passenger. The hearing is in the courtroom of Judge Jon Lieuallen.

“This is an opportunity for the parties to get in and take a look at the evidence,” Umatilla County District Attorney Dan Primus said. “We take a look at what it is that we have, make sure that all discovery has been provided, and if there’s any other further investigation that needs to be done.”

Oregon State Police reported that Fry was traveling northbound on Highway 395 and failed to stop at the red light at the intersection with East Punkin Center Road. She crashed into the vehicle that was attempting to turn left on East Punkin Center Road driven by Elidio Salas De La Paz, 77. The crash killed his wife, Alicia Salas.

Fry is charged with multiple criminal acts. The felonies against her are second-degree manslaughter and third-degree assault. Primus said there’s a possibility she could want a deal.

“This is the opportunity and the time to try and negotiate the case if there is any form of potential resolution for this matter,” he said.


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