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Local option tax is on the ballot

PENDLETON, Oregon – Voters in the Pendleton School District will be asked to renew the local option tax. It charges 40 cents on every $1,000 of assessed value and is earmarked for general operating expenses.

“Citizens will be hearing shortly advertisements about the levy option tax,” Superintendent Chris Fritsch said. “More information will be coming out to households in the near future.”

Director of Business Services Michelle Jones estimates that the levy raises $300,000 a year in tax revenue.

“Without this additional revenue, the district would not be able to continue to offer a comprehensive educational program or maintain current staffing levels that allow for reasonable student-to-staff ratios across the district,” the notice of election statement reads.

Local option taxes began to be passed in a number of communities after Oregon voters approved Measure 5, which capped property taxes and cut into funding going to public schools. While Measure 5 passed in 1990, it was not fully implemented until 1995-96.


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