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Legislators consider ways to ease impact if cap and invest bill passes

SALEM, Oregon – If the cap and invest bill passes, the Oregon Legislature is considering other bills that could help ease the impacts of the higher costs of fuel.

Under cap and invest fuel prices would go up.  State Senator Lee Beyer (D-Springfield) supports a bill that would help offset the costs for low income Oregonians.

“Setting up a tax credit that would compensate them in roughly equal to what they would have paid in additional costs,” he said.

Timber workers and farmers would also see increases.

“Price range for the farm families are going to end up between $1,000 and $26,000 in the first couple of years of the program,” said Oregon Farm Bureau’s Jenny Dressler.

This bill would provide assistance to help reduce the increases in fuel costs.  Another bill would have the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Oregon Department of Transportation study how the money from the cap and invest taxes are being used.


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