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King, O’Ban react to I-976 ruling

OLYMPIA, Washington – A King County judge has ruled most of voter-approved Initiative 976, creating $30 dollar car tabs is constitutional. But the measure will remain on hold while a couple of issues are worked out and for expected appeals.

“So, unfortunately taxpayers may not see relief for a number of months or even years,” Sen. Steve O’Ban (R-Pierce County) said.

He believes the Washington Legislature should act now to fulfill the wishes of the voters by enacting the initiative.

Sen. Curtis King (R-Yakima) is the ranking member on the Senate Transportation Committee. He said he has a plan for the loss of car tab revenue.

“It would get us through this biennium and allow those projects that are currently on hold to be released,” King said. “Because we need to get those projects moved. Those are jobs; those are hundreds, if not thousands of jobs all across the state that are currently on hold.”

King County, a group of cities and Garfield County’s transit agency sued to overturn the initiative.


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