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Dayton man gets new trial in Umatilla County

Skyler Ian Glasby

The Oregon Appellate Court has ruled that Skyler Ian Glasby gets a second trial. He was convicted on multiple charges in a kidnapping/robbery that occurred in 2015. He was tried in 2016 before Sixth Circuit Court Judge Lynn Hampton.

Glasby was arrested in Milton-Freewater. A Walla Walla man and a Kennewick woman were also arrested for the crimes. The man was judged guilty and the woman pled guilty as the result of a plea bargain.

The appeals court said that it is within a judge’s right to deny a defendant the right to represent himself or herself. However, Hampton should have explained the reasons behind her ruling.

“The trial court erred by summarily denying his request without giving a reason,” the ruling states. “We reverse and remand for a new trial on the seven counts on which the defendant was convicted.”


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