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Changes coming to WW parking enforcement

The Walla Walla parking enforcement scooter.

WALLA WALLA, Washington – Changes in personnel and the addition of new equipment are coming to the Walla Walla Police Department’s parking enforcement program. Parking enforcement officer Amy Harris will be taking on a new role as a code enforcement officer starting March 1.

WWPD Chief Scott Bieber said Harris was chosen after one of the code enforcement officers resigned a few months ago and she completed a testing and interview process.

“That means we will be opening up for application a parking enforcement officer position,” Bieber said.

WWPD should be filling the parking enforcement officer position about the same time the department acquires the new automated license plate reader system.

“Due to a Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, we can no longer chalk tires,” Bieber said.  “So the process of finding over-two-hour parking violators has been arduous, at best, for Amy. She’s got to take pictures. She had to do a whole bunch of stuff.

The ALPR system will be on the parking enforcement scooter. The parking enforcement officer drives by a car and the ALPR reads the plate. Then the officer drives by again and the system beeps if a vehicle has been there for longer than the allowed time.

Bieber said he’ll be asking the city council to approve the purchase of the approximate $27,000 system.


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