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Tax exemptions worry Chief Stanton

Photo of Chief Scott Stanton via Umatilla County Fire District No. 1.

HERMISTON, Oregon – Umatilla County Fire District No. 1 is impacted by the rapid economic development of the west end of the county. Fire Chief Scott Stanton said there’s a negative impact, because enterprise zones allow property tax exemptions for big companies.

“We don’t get our full value of property taxes and that does hurt us a little,” he said. “We get a little bit in lieu of taxes, but obviously, we’d like to see that a little bit higher. That would help us financially to buy equipment.”

Recently the district’s board of directors considered a resolution that calls for an established one-time payment for tax-exempt businesses. Stanton said he’s going to take that proposal to the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners.

“Whether it’s a big Lamb Weston expansion, Amazon – whatever it may be – that increases our risk profile,” he said.


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