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City to determine fate of urban renewal district

Pendleton City Manager Robb Corbett

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Pendleton Urban Renewal District is set to expire in three years. The city council, which serves the district as the Pendleton Development Commission, is discussing its fate. City Manager Robb Corbett says he’s leaning toward extending the district.

“It’s growing into a benefit that can increasingly improve the oldest part of our city,” he said. “We have infrastructure issues that need to be addressed and if we can use that money to address that, then that’s less money the taxpayers will have to come up with.”

The typical time period for an urban renewal district is 20 years. When a URD is designated, the tax-assessed value of properties within the area is frozen, with the taxes from that base going to all jurisdictions. Increases over that base go to the urban renewal agency for use in the district.

When a district ends, the increased value for that area is returned to the tax rolls benefiting all taxing districts.

“A conversation with the county and some of the larger taxing entities probably needs to be had to determine what their feelings are,” Corbett said.


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