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Work on gas tax proposal continues

PENDLETON, Oregon – There is much to be done if the Pendleton City Council wants to get a gas tax measure on the May ballot.

“We have to have a resolution calling for the ballot measure early in February,” Public Works Director Bob Patterson said. “It needs to be published in the newspaper, and then we have to file mid-February with Umatilla County.”

Patterson said the council is looking for volunteers to serve on a political action committee that would support the tax, which is anticipated to bring $440,000 for street repair to Pendleton.

“If anybody out there is interested in assisting the council with their political action committee, please contact your city councilor and let them know of your interest,” he said.

Meanwhile, the council continues to work on additional street repair funding. Still being discussed are a $2-a-night lodging tax, and a ticket fee on large events.


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