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Rosenblum to dig into labor trafficking

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum

SALEM, Oregon – Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has formed a task force to investigate and find solutions to ending labor trafficking. Sex trafficking and labor trafficking often go hand in hand.

While sex trafficking has received a great deal of media attention, labor trafficking is less mentioned. It is the use of threats and coercion to force a person to work against their will with little or no pay in inhumane conditions.

“We’ve been concerned that labor trafficking may be happening right under our noses,” Rosenblum said.

She said it appears that labor trafficking is happening, in spite of laws against involuntary servitude.

“Unfortunately at this point it doesn’t appear that those have really been used,” she said.

The task force has a year to dig into the issue of labor trafficking and find what tools are needed to identify and prosecute the labor traffickers. The group will then make recommendations for the 2021 session of the Oregon Legislature. The task force includes immigration lawyers, organized labor representatives, law enforcement, district attorneys, and representatives from the Mexican consulate.


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