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Videographer goes straight to jail

Kenneth Dunham

PENDLETON, Oregon – A Portland man was caught by Pendleton police filming through windows and inside patrol vehicles at the police department and Oregon State Police offices on Airport Avenue at around 5:30 p.m. Thanksgiving Day. Kenneth Dunham argued that he had a right to be on public property.

“He’s confronted and asked if he has an emergency or a need for law enforcement and declines,” Roberts said. “He’s asked to leave several times if he has no need for law enforcement, or at least be redirected out to the front of the building. He refuses.”

Dunham was jailed for trespassing.

“Since then, I have received email communications, telephone calls, and otherwise indicating that persons have the intent to sue,” Roberts said. “These types of things occur daily throughout Oregon and, I’m sure, the nation. These folks don’t have anything better to do.”

Roberts said the amateur videographers are often confrontational and edit their videos to illustrate a single point of view. The law enforcement complex at the foot of Airport Avenue covers more than five acres, and it is not fenced because there wasn’t enough money in the city budget to cover that cost, Roberts said.


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