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Capital projects are on the agenda

WALLA WALLA, Washington – The Walla Walla City Council holds a regular meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. Items on the agenda include a public hearing for the 2020-2025 capital facilities plan, and voting to approve a labor contract with the Walla Walla Police Guild.

Capital facilities projects scheduled for 2020 include getting an alternative analysis of the Howard/Chestnut intersection, updating the Sudbury Road Landfill master plan and replacing several components to the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

The council will also consider a staff recommendation to adopt a proposed ordinance authorizing City Manager Nabiel Shawa to execute a labor agreement between the city and police guild for 2019 through 2021.

The annual salary adjustment will be a four percent increase for 2019, a three percent increase in 2020 and a two percent increase in 2021. The total estimated cost of the three-year contract is $13,379,439. Currently, there are five vacant positions in the Walla Walla Police Department that are expected to be filled in 2020.


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