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Oregonians have to wait until 2023 to use paid family leave benefits

SALEM, Oregon – While Oregon’s paid family leave law is on the books, it’s going to be awhile before Oregon workers can use it.

Oregon is one of nine paid family leave programs in the country.  It went into effect in September, but it will be the year 2023 before benefits start getting paid out.

“For covered workers it’s really a pretty low earnings threshold before you’re eligible for some benefits.  You need to have earned about $1,000 or more in the prior year to be eligible,” said David Gerstenfeld with the Oregon Employment Department.

Gerstenfeld said Oregon workers can get up to 12 weeks paid time off to deal with their own medical issues, a family member’s or to spend time with a newborn or adopted child.

“The very expansive definition of family, it takes into account a lot of different dynamics now,” Gerstenfeld said.

Contributions from workers and employees are taken out of paychecks starting in 2022, with the first benefits going out in January 2023.


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