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November was cold and dry

PENDLETON, Oregon – November weather was colder and drier than normal in the Columbia Basin and Walla Walla Valley.

Pendleton’s average temperature was 39.9 degrees, which is 1.4 degrees below normal. Hermiston averaged 38.5, which is 3.2 degrees lower than usual. In Walla Walla the average was also 38.5, which is 3.3 degrees below normal. National Weather Service Hydrologist Marilyn Lohmann said there was a little warmth thrown into the mix.

“We did eke out the highest of 63 degrees on Nov. 5,” she said. “The whole month wasn’t a totally cold experience, but due to the fog we had a lot of days that were below normal.”

The dry weather is also a concern.

“Precipitation at the Pendleton airport was only 0.27 inches, which is 1.25 inches below normal,” she said. “We saw measurable precipitation on six days with the heaviest, 0.9 inches, on the 19th.”

Hermiston’s precipitation was even lower, measuring 0.01 inches. That’s 1.18 inches below normal. In Walla Walla, precipitation totaled 0.57 inches, which is 2.3 inches below normal. All three cities are well below average for the water year, which began in October. Hermiston and Pendleton are 1.8 inches lower than average, while Walla Walla is a whopping 2.93 inches lower.


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