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Dusting of snow prompts city’s advice

WALLA WALLA, Washington – December made its grand entrance Sunday with a light dusting of snow and that meant the city’s streets division was out salting some of the city’s main streets. As Sunday’s snowfall was the first noticeable snowfall of the season, the Walla Walla Street Division has issued reminders on how it deals with snow and ice.

The streets division generally begins plowing when the snow reaches about four inches deep and the forecast is for continued snowfall. Priority routes are plowed first to keep arterials and emergency service routes open. Some major roads were salted for the first snowfall on Sunday and early Monday morning.

Once the priority routes are cleared of snow, crews then begin plowing residential streets.  Neighborhoods built on hills with curved streets have higher priority. Motorists are asked to give plenty of room to snow plows and sanders as these vehicles make frequent stops, turns and back-ups.

Park cars off the street where possible to avoid being plowed in, plus this allows the plow to place the snow next to the curb. Property owners are asked to keep sidewalks free from snow and ice. The city recommends using a product that is environmentally friendly, like those  containing calcium magnesium acetate, which is a small, pellet-like substance that offers low corrosion and is safe for concrete and vegetation.

The streets division also keeps a list of volunteers who are willing to help those in need of shoveling who are not physically able. People who want to be added to that list or need more information should call 509-527-4363.


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