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Council to vote on street repair funding approach

PENDLETON, Oregon – After months of hearings and meetings, the Pendleton City Council will vote on a plan to fund street maintenance. The four-pronged approach would, according to city officials, bring all city streets up to par over the next 10 years, thus cutting down on the cost of future maintenance. The cost to do that is estimated at an additional $1 million a year over the decade.

The first piece is a four-cent-a-gallon gas tax that would expire in 10 years. Voters must approve the tax, and it would be on the ballot in the May 2020 election. It’s estimated the tax will raise $440,000 per year.

The second part is a hotel room fee of $2 per night. The city expects to raise $306,000 with that fee. The third is a $3 increase in the street utility fee, with an exemption for low-income families. That would raise an estimated $250,000 annually. The final funding stream would be cuts to the general fund to raise #$110,000.

Also at the meeting the council will have the first reading of changes to the cemetery ordinance that update it to match current practices and the objectives set forth in the 2018 cemetery business plan. That plan is designed to reduce the burden Olney Cemetery has on the general fund.

A staff report regarding the post-project findings on the construction of the new fire station is also on the agenda.


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