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Cap and trade will be back

Oregon capitol

SALEM, Oregon – Cap and trade will be back on the agenda in the 2020 session of the Oregon Legislature. What form it will take is currently anybody’s guess.

“At last count, I believe there were about six different cap and trade, or carbon tax proposals being floated in Salem,” AAA Motor Club Director of Government Affairs Marie Dodds said.

The Democrats enjoyed a supermajority during the 2019 session, and did not work with the Republicans, choosing instead just to power its bill through. They failed because the Republicans walked out, denying a quorum so the measure couldn’t be brought to a vote. Dodds says it looks like a lesson was learned by the majority party.

“The good news is there is a spirit of cooperation and collaboration,” she said.

Dodds, who testified against cap and trade last summer, said the bill that failed was extremely complicated and the lawmakers who opposed it feel it could have unintended consequences.


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