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City is appealing DEQ fine

PENDLETON, Oregon – Pendleton Public Works Director Bob Patterson says the city is waiting to hear when the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality will hold its pre-appeal meeting. DEQ fined the city $86,977 for failing to implement storm water mitigation best management practices and required monitoring during the construction of the new fire station.

“The city dropped the ball on the inspection side of it, and we understand that,” Patterson said. “But, we were out there weekly, if not daily. The project on-site supervisor was there daily. We are all in belief that no sediment left the site. We had a silt fence up throughout the duration.”

Patterson added that DEQ made an erroneous assumption that gravel came from the construction site in early March.

“We just came off of a record snowfall for Pendleton and we had a lot of sanding rock out there,” Patterson said. “We applied extra rock on Southwest 14th, and we were written up that the rock came off of the project site.”


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