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Oregon legislators return to Salem, topic unknown

SALEM, Oregon – Oregon legislators will be back in Salem next week, but there are rumblings about a potential session in December as well.

While she doesn’t know what the topic would be yet, Oregon Senator Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) said she is hearing a special legislative session may be in the works.

“If it is an attempt to just rut what House Bill 2020 through a second bite of the apple, I’m going to really crabby,” Johnson said.

Legislators failed to pass the cap and invest bill in the 2019 session.  Senator Johnson also questions the timing of a special session next month.

“I think doing a special session in a month when there are lots of people traveling and away is ill advised and the optics of it are not positive,” Johnson said.

Legislators will be in Salem for legislative days next week.


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