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Juvenile who made threats against CPHS enters plea

College Place High School

WALLA WALLA, Washington – A 17-year-old boy suspected of plotting an attack against College Place High School pled guilty to amended charges Friday. The juvenile from College Place is charged with felony harassment, felony harassment (domestic violence), and threats to bomb or injure property.

“This morning, the juvenile agreed to plead guilty and entered pleas of guilty to amended charge of harassment (gross misdemeanor), and the original charge of threats to bomb or injure property, a class B felony,” Walla Walla County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Nagle stated in a news release.

Nagle said that the maximum possible punishment for any juvenile offense is commitment to the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration until age 21, but Washington law also provides that the actual punishment is determined by the juvenile’s age, prior criminal history and seriousness level of the crime as determined by the legislature.

“The 17-year-old juvenile in this case has no countable criminal history,” Nagle added.

As for the standard range sentence for the offenses the juvenile has pled guilty to, Nagle said it is 12 months supervision by Walla Walla County Juvenile Court Services, and jurisdiction for supervision will extend past his 18th birthday.

“The conditions of his supervision will include not returning to College Place High School,” Nagle stated. “Other educational resources will be used to meet the state’s educational requirements.”

The case was filed after the boy’s mother found his notebook on September 17 which contained threatening messages.  The suspect’s mother reported her find to the College Place Police Department.

“This was considered to be a very brave decision on her part, and everyone is grateful for her actions,” Nagle stated.

Nagle explained the suspect’s mother had earlier discovered what she thought were explosive devices that he had made, but she had disposed of those devices before police had an opportunity to recover them. 

The juvenile is anticipated to be scheduled for a disposition hearing on November 22.


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