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Chamber urges people to shop locally

WALLA WALLA, Washington – ‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Kyle Tarbet reminds consumers that shopping local has benefits.

“Supporting the people who are in the community doing business just makes sense,” Tarbet said.

He said the chamber put together a retail task force to talk about what local retailers needed and that a shop local campaign came out of those meetings. He said that the biggest reason to shop locally to stimulate the local economy.

“Local businesses tend to buy from other local businesses,” Tarbet said. “They depend on local growers, craftsmen; so the money stays here.”

He pointed out that local businesses pay property taxes.

“So that property tax money stays locally and is used for our infrastructure, our schools, the services like police and fire that we really need,” Tarbet said.

Additionally, Tarbet explained that small business is also the largest employer in the U.S. and when they start up they hire local people. He said by shopping local, you’re supporting small businesses who employ people in our community.


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