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OSU embraces call for action to address climate change

CORVALLIS, Oregon – Scientists from Oregon State University are leading a coalition of 11,000 scientists who are warning about the effects of climate change.

OSU scientist William Ripple said there’s no question greenhouse gases are growing.

“Carbon dioxide emissions increased by 62 percent since 1992,” Ripple explained.

Ripple said untold human suffering is unavoidable without deep and lasting shifts in human activities.  For example, the food you choose to eat.

“The lower you eat on the food chain, the less your impact is on climate change and the environment,” he added.

Ripple said massive changes are needed to reduce carbon pollution.  Short lived pollutants, like methane and soot, need to be cut in half.  Ecosystems need to be restored.  He said the economy needs to be carbon free with the goals being shifted from affluence and gross domestic product to one that is carbon free.


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