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County to state: Where’s the money?

Umatilla County Jail

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office is excited to receive state funding to expand the intake area of the jail. Commissioner John Shafer says there’s just one problem – getting the money.

“I got an email from the sheriff, saying, ‘We know we got the funds, but how do we get them,” Shafer said. “A lot of people were going, ‘Oh, gosh, I don’t know.’”

Shafer said the county is reaching out to state officials to clarify the funding questions.

“Is it a reimbursement thing,” Shafer wondered. “Do we have to spend the funds and then they reimburse us? We’re not sure what that looks like yet, but I know the sheriff is ready to move forward on it and we’re pretty excited.”

The Oregon Legislature allocated $1.6 million for the jail renovation project.


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