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Oregon’s ban on vaping products starts Tuesday

Graphic of vaping lung injuries by the Centers for Disease Control.

PORTLAND, Oregon – The Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission filed temporary rules banning all flavored vaping product sales in the state beginning Tuesday. The rules will remain in effect for six months. Online sales are also banned.

The ban covers all tobacco and cannabis products that contain natural or artificial flavors. Some of those flavors are vanilla, mint, cocoa, and coconut. It does not apply to tobacco-flavored nicotine products and marijuana-flavored products that include THC, or products that use only marijuana-derived flavorings.

Retailers who violate the rules will receive a warning letter and recommendations on coming into compliance. Continued violations could result in civil penalties of up to $500 a day per violation. Cannabis retailers or processors not in compliance could face the cancellation of their license. The temporary rules also apply to businesses holding alcohol licenses that sell vaping products, including retailers selling beer and wine, bars and taverns, and liquor store agents.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, as of Oct. 8, 1,299 lung-injury cases associated with vaping have been reported from 49 states, the District of Columbia and one U.S. territory. There have been 26 deaths confirmed in 21 states. Those cases involve patients who have used nicotine-containing products as well as patients who have used THC-containing products, or a combination of both. The majority of cases reported used THC products, particularly those purchased off the street or from other informal sources. Those sources include friends, family, and illicit dealers. CDC states those play a major role in the outbreak.


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