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New mayor wants more community involvement

Norma Hernandez is the new mayor of College Place.

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – When it comes to sharing ideas and setting goals for the city, newly appointed College Place Mayor Norma Hernandez said there’s not too much the city council and City Administrator Mike Rizzitiello have failed to include.

“My goals align with their goals,” she added.

However, she told KTEL News Thursday that one goal she’s working on is to encourage residents to be a part of is civic engagement.

“I want to increase voting in our community,” Hernandez said. “Voter turnout has been very low in the past. I really want to encourage people to get out there and get involved.  Get out and vote.”

Hernandez encourages residents to volunteer to be a part of the city’s various committees, boards and advisory commissions.

She also would like to see the city’s Latino residents to get more involved in the community.

“They’ve been residents of our community, but they kind of have not been too involved with decision making or even volunteering, and I think they want to, and I want them to feel safe and comfortable to come out and participate and be part of the community,” Hernandez said.   “We’re all neighbors and I think they’ll feel that once they step out.”


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