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Grove Sports Complex could be ready for spring ball

Photo of Grove Sports Complex via Milton-Freewater Unified School District

MILTON-FREEWATER, Oregon – The Milton-Freewater Unified School is almost ready to cross the finish line with the construction at the Grove Sports Complex. Located at the site of the former Grove Elementary School, the sports complex consists of two soccer fields with the center housing a concession stand, restroom area and a side building for sports supplies.

“Part of the idea is we want green places for kids to be running and doing things they’re supposed to be doing.  We are always in need of soccer fields, t-ball fields, just green grass,” Superintendent Aaron Duff said.

He also said that the district has a very competitive soccer team which needs a home. It’s not ready yet, but it will be. Duff said he walked the field with one of the coaches, and decided it wasn’t quite ready for full-blown competition.

“I don’t think we’re quite there,” Duff said. “They’ll do some spring ball on it, but it’s coming along really well, it’s going to be a great resource for the community.”


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