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Eighth Street Bridge is paved

Photo of Eighth Street Bridge via the city of Pendleton

PENDLETON, Oregon – Public Works Director Bob Patterson says that the paving of the roadway for the new Eighth Street Bridge is now complete, and paving of the river pathway and under-bridge pathway is progressing.

“It is open to traffic,” Patterson said. “The contractor does have partial closures as needed.”

Patterson said the removal of the temporary pedestrian bridge and the construction bridge are complete, and all footings are now out of the water. The in-water work window expired Sept. 30.

Now it’s time for the finishing touches.

“They’re working on driveways,” Patterson said. “The landscaper has been on site. The irrigation system is being finished. The planting should be going in once the weather warms up again.”

Other projects underway include electrical service, decorative lighting, storm ponds, and site cleanup. The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of November.


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