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SWAT activated, no one injured

PRESCOTT, Washington – The Walla Walla Regional SWAT team was called out after a man who called the Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office Monday night and said he thought he shot someone in his bushes. Chief Deputy Richard Schram said the call came in about 11:05 p.m.

Schram said that the man said he thought the person was armed and that there were multiple other people outside his house.

“The reporting party stated there were lights shining in his windows and that he had barricaded his children into the bathroom with him,” Schram said. “Through an open phone line dispatch could hear multiple volleys of shots going off.”

SWAT responded and children and man were secured, and the area was checked.

“No one was found to have been shot and the reporting party was taken to the hospital to be treated for mental health issues,” Schram said.

Schram added that reporting party may face criminal charges as well as intervention to keep the children safe.


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