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OLCC to set rules for vaping ban

SALEM, Oregon – The Oregon Health Authority reports one more Oregon resident has come down with a vaping-related severe lung illness. That brings the total to nine, with two deaths.

Last week, Gov. Kate Brown ordered a six-month ban on sales of all flavored vaping products that contain nicotine or THC. It’s not known yet when the ban will start. The governor asked state agencies to immediately pass emergency rules to ban those products.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is working on compliance, but only with marijuana vaping.

“We’ve heard, though, that many licensees are voluntarily pulling product or returning it up the supply chain,” OLCC’s Mark Pettinger said. “Until the commission actually acts, licensees aren’t obligated to do anything themselves.”

The OLCC board meets this Friday. It has inspectors ready to enforce the rules it passes. Meanwhile, the Oregon Health Authority is tasked with emergency rule making for tobacco establishments.


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