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Gas prices continue to rise

PORTLAND, Oregon – Gas prices in California, Nevada, and Oregon made the biggest week-to-week jump in the nation. While gas prices throughout much of the nation fell, Marie Dodds of the AAA Motor Club said refinery problems continue to plague Western states.

“The Oregon average jumps six cents to $3.18,” she said. “In Pendleton, it’s up three cents for the week to $3.03, and Hermiston is up four cents to $3.04.”

The average for a gallon of regular unleaded rose four cents to $3.29 in the state of Washington. Walla Walla at $3.24 and Milton-Freewater at $3.04 both experienced four cent jumps.

Dodds said those increases look paltry in comparison to how much the cost has shot up in California. It’s now $4.19 a gallon.

“This week, California had a week-over-week jump of 12 cents,” Dodds said. “That follows the previous week’s jump of 32 cents.”

Dodds says indications are the refineries are going back online, and supplies will soon reach a more comfortable level.


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