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WW pool prices will go up in 2020

Photo via Veterans Memorial Pool on Facebook.

WALLA WALLA, Washington – Veterans Memorial Pool may be closed for the season,  but that isn’t keeping the Walla Walla Parks and Recreation Department from planning for the 2020 season. Due to increases in the state’s minimum wage, Walla Walla Parks and Recreation Director Andy Coleman said his department is diving into the numbers.

“We’re going to recommend a slight increase to city council,” Coleman explained.

With about 60 percent of the costs of the pool going to pay staff, Coleman said his department is recommending raising the daily entry fees for youth from $3.50 to $4 and raising the adult price from $5 to $6.

“Very reasonable,” he said. “Still and lower than many of the facilities in our region.”

Coleman said revenue at Veterans Memorial Pool is looking good. However, the expense side is pretty high too, mainly because of the minimum wage increase.

“When we first put our budgets together for this facility in 2016, the minimum wage was in the $9 range,” Coleman said.

Currently, the minimum wage in Washington is $12 per hour.

“That’s a huge increase and then it impacts the budget when we have 80 young people employed over at the pool,” Coleman said. “You got to pay them, at least, minimum wage.”


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