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Elfering to meet with Union Pacific

Board of Commissioners Chairman Bill Elfering.

UMATILLA COUNTY, Oregon – Umatilla County Commissioner Bill Elfering says he will be meeting with Union Pacific in the next two weeks to discuss the railroad’s plans for the future in the county.

“I’ve got conversations coming up on some of their plans and on some of our plans on integrating with them,” he said. “For example, there is a trail that is going to go alongside the railroad all the way down to the Columbia River.”

The Hinkle Yard in Hermiston is likely to be a topic of conversation.

“Hinkle hasn’t closed all the way,” Elfering said. “I thought when I first heard the announcement it was going to close completely and there would be nothing going on out there. It’s about two-thirds of the way closed.”

Elfering said the dramatic cutback of activities there was a financial decision made by Union Pacific.


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