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Attacks on Saudi Arabia will impact gas prices everywhere

AAA Motor Club Public Affairs Director Marie Dodds

PORTLAND, Oregon – The drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities are going to be felt throughout the world. AAA Motor Club spokeswoman Marie Dodds tells KUMA News that gas prices will rise everywhere.

“These attacks have taken a substantial amount of crude oil off the market – about 5.7 million barrels per day of crude,” Dodds said. “That accounts for about six percent of the global supply.”

Dodds says AAA speculates prices could rise between 10 cents and 25 cents a gallon, but that it’s hard to tell because reports out of Saudi Arabia keep changing.

“We are hearing some reports that the time to fix everything will be less time than originally thought, but we have to stress that this information is still pretty early in the process,” she said.

Dodds did say the price increases in the United States would be even worse if the attacks had occurred in the spring, at a time when the nation is switching to more expensive summer-blend fuel. Currently, the switch to less expensive winter blend gasoline is underway.

This week’s gas prices national rose three cents to $2.59 a gallon, in what analysts say is the initial reaction to the attack without knowing the full details of what it will mean in terms of crude oil supplies. Things were a bit steadier in the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon average for a gallon of regular unleaded is up a penny to $3.05, while Washington is unchanged at $3.19.

Locally, Pendleton at $2.82 and Hermiston at $2.89 are unchanged. Gas in Walla Walla saw a two cent increase at $3.17. Milton-Freewater’s average goes up a penny to $2.90.


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