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Traffic snarls plague police during Round-Up

PENDLETON, Oregon – Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts says the biggest problem facing his officers during Round-Up week is traffic. He urges motorists and pedestrians to use patience and caution, because there’s no easy solution to making things run smoother and safer without those traits.

“We don’t have the infrastructure to handle high volumes of traffic,” he said. “The other thing we don’t have is an unlimited supply of resources from an officer standpoint.”

The chief doesn’t hesitate when asked what the biggest trouble spot is.

“The most dangerous intersection is that triangle between Mazatlan, the Dairy Queen, and the railroad tracks,” he said. “A lot of folks who are headed south through that cut try to make a left turn. We barricade that Mazatlan wrap-around for a reason.”

Roberts says that as many as a dozen times a day, drivers persist in turning left there in spite of the barricade. That maneuver is a danger to pedestrians and causes traffic to back up on Southwest Dorion Avenue.


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