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State GOP leaders are heading east

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PENDLETON, Oregon – For the first time ever, the Oregon Republican Party is holding its platform convention in Pendleton.

“Usually, it’s held in the valley someplace, but they’re coming out to Eastern Oregon,” State Rep. Bill Hansell (R-Athena) said. “It starts off on the 22nd in the evening, and then they work on the platform and other issues for the next couple of days.”

Hansell credits local Republicans with encouraging the Grand Old Party to yank its meeting out of the valley and plant it in Pendleton.

“Suni Danforth, who is the chair of the Umatilla County Republican Committee, is very much involved with it and is doing a great job in putting this together,” Hansell said.

In addition to meetings, the delegates will get a taste of Pendleton. They can choose between a winery tour or a visit to Pendleton Underground Tours when they gather at the Pendleton Convention Center next Thursday evening.


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