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Social Security scammers on the prowl

SALEM, Oregon — Scammers pretending to be from the Social Security Administration are targeting Oregonians. The Oregon Department of Revenue has received recent complaints about scammers calling people and threatening to deactivate their accounts.

What happens is the scammers call and say something about suspicious activity, or that maybe someone has stolen your information, so they are looking to deactivate your account unless you can confirm your Social Security information. The scammers then take that information and use it to impersonate your identity which can be used to take out credit cards in your name, access your bank account, or file a false tax return.

Rich Hoover, from the Department of Revenue, said it is highly unlikely the SSA would ever call you and ask for private information.

Hoover said if you have received a call like this you should report it to the Federal Trade Commission or the Office of the Inspector General and relay as much information about the call as possible.


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