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Sheriff’s office gets ready for jail expansion

Umatilla County Jail

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office will soon be going out for proposals or bids on the jail expansion project funded by the 2019 Oregon Legislature. Undersheriff Jim Littlefield says that while the building’s footprint will remain the same, many changes will occur within its walls.

“We’ll be adding six to eight individual holding cells and some more storage area, and converting one of our sally ports into some more usable space,” he said.

The plans also include updating electronics and security cameras at the jail as well. Littlefield said that the construction work will be a challenge to Corrections Capt. Thoren Hearn and his staff.

“We have to continue to manage the jail as a jail while it’s under construction,” he said. “That’s a challenge for our staff. Capt. Hearn and his group are preparing for that.”

A timeline for the construction has not yet been established.


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