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Portland police prep for possible protest foul play

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PORTLAND, Oregon — The city of Portland is preparing for another round of political demonstrations this weekend and police are worried there could be more violence.

Portland made national headlines this year when a journalist was assaulted during antifa protests earlier this year, and last summer, who opposing groups clashed in the city, Portland police had to to step in to break up the fights. Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said her officers will work to keep opposing groups separated.

“We will do everything we can to prevent crimes,” Outlaw said. “Especially violent crime.” Outlaw said arrests will happen if crimes are committed — something the city had been accused of not doing during past protests.

Mayor Ted Wheeler said the city has a history of being friendly to protesters and enforcing the right to free speech, but some groups have taken advantage of that.

Wheeler said it’s obvious that some have descended into lawlessness “using the guise of free speech to commit acts of violence.”

Wheeler has a coalition of more than 90 public interest groups calling on demonstrators to be peaceful.


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