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Council to consider police sergeant contract

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – The College Place City Council will consider a motion to approve a sergeant’s contract effective August 1 when it meets Tuesday night at 7.

The position of police sergeant was removed from the bargaining unit in 2005.  Since then, there has been no document specific to the position that gives guidance for the administration and terms of employment.

The council will also consider a resolution authorizing and fully supporting the Pacific Power grant application for a solar array adjacent to replacement Well No. 2 near the intersection of Whitman Drive and Maple Avenue. The project will only move forward if the city receives full funding from the Pacific Power Blue Sky Grant Program for $439,197. The city is expected to hear by the end of this year if grant funds will be awarded to the city.

Also on the agenda is a motion to authorize City Administrator Mike Rizzitiello to award preliminary engineering and design work not to exceed $74,250 for the city’s Safewalk Project; a motion to award the Lamperti Street overlay and sidewalk construction contract to Humbert Asphalt for $366,105.75; and a $32,000 contract amendment with Anderson Perry for construction engineering services with an overall 10 percent contingency for a total not-to-exceed amount of $437,916.33.


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