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Fishing regulators take stand on barbless hooks in Oregon

SALEM, Oregon — The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission is taking a stand on mandatory barbless hooks for salmon and steelhead.

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has made barbless hooks voluntary on a large portion of the Columbia River.  However, in Oregon, they are voluntary now, but members of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission are leaning towards making them mandatory again.

“Why in 2019 we need barb hooks is beyond me,” said Oregon commissioner Bruce Buckmaster.

Washington commissioner Don McIsaac doesn’t think it’s an issue worth fighting over.

“Of all the major policy issues that are out there, we can argue the most over the pebble in the parking lot”, McIsaac added.

Members of the two commissions are meeting jointly in Salem to discuss how to get the two states to agree on fish policy in the Columbia River.


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