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City prepares for FEMA visit

PENDLETON, Oregon – Now that a federal disaster declaration for the April flooding on McKay Creek has been issued, officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are heading this way. Pendleton City Manager Robb Corbett says the staff is preparing for that meeting.

“We expect them to be in Pendleton the last week of July,” Corbett said. “They’re going to want to take a look at our costs for the flood and the damage to our infrastructure.”

The city is not being asked to provide information on private property damage.

“This is for public infrastructure, damage to public property, and the cost of fighting the flood,” Corbett said. “What we understand is that we will qualify to recover 75 percent.”

The city made estimates for those costs and damages shortly after the flood, but Corbett said they estimated on the high side, knowing that there were many elements that had not yet been determined. Now, staff is working on backing up those estimates and correcting them if needed. Corbett said he’s been told actually receiving the federal money could take years.


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