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Budget cuts could spell trouble for Drug Court

Dale Primmer

PENDLETON, Oregon – Umatilla County’s revamped Drug Court continues to grow. However, with about $500,000 less in state funding for Umatilla County Community Corrections, Director Dale Primmer says it could be in trouble.

“We’ll have to see where all the grant applications come in, and where the dollars come in,” he said. “We’ve applied for the Criminal Justice Commission Treatment Court Grant. We’ve got some money that comes into Drug Court through the Justice Reinvestment Program.”

In the past, those grants have not been enough to operate the court.

“We’ve always used the Community Corrections budget to bring those things into balance, to fill the gap at the end,” Primmer said. “That ability is going to be severely compromised if those grants don’t come through.”

Currently, there are more than 20 people participating in Drug Court and it’s capped at 35. The court is a supervised drug and alcohol treatment program.


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