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PDC approves street repair funding

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Pendleton Development Commission is earmarking more than $1 million in urban renewal money for street repair within the urban renewal district. Mayor John Turner says the 6 to 2 vote came after weeks of discussion.

“The PDC has been considering spending 25 percent of its dollars, that’s a little less than $1.5 million in the coming years on street repair,” he said.

The PDC is comprised of the members of the Pendleton City Council. The two votes in opposition came from Linda Neuman and Scott Fairley.

Now city staff will determine how to prioritize the projects. Southeast Byers Avenue is in the worst shape, according to a number of reports, but the money set aside is not enough to fix all of that road. City Manager Robb Corbett said he doesn’t want all of the money sunk into one street.

It will be a while before repair projects begin. Corbett said that the city would first want to upgrade infrastructure below the roads.

“Knowing that the money is allocated for road repairs gives us significant lead time to do that going into our next road repair season, which would be next spring,” he said.


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