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Left turn lanes on College Avenue could go away

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – When the city of College Place rebuilt College Avenue, left turns lanes were added from 10th to Fourth streets. Mayor Harvey Crowder said the left turn lanes were added following recommendations by traffic engineers who said it would reduce backup on some side streets. The problem following the addition of the left turn lanes is not everyone appreciates them.

“We’ve gotten lots of negative feedback,” Crowder said. “We lost about two-thirds of the parking on College Avenue.”

Crowder said the city council approved hiring a traffic engineering consultant to help determine if the turn lanes stay or go. The consultant will consider the traffic flow and the loss of parking in front of businesses. The study from the consultant is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

“If we need to re-stripe, we’ll probably be restriping sometime early next year,” Crowder said.


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