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Seattle stabber sent to mental health facilities several times

SEATTLE — The man accused of stabbing three people in an unprovoked attack on Tuesday in downtown Seattle has a long criminal history as well as plenty of time spent in mental health facilities.

Christopher Morisette, 29, is being held in King County Jail on $750,000 bail after attacking three people with a knife near the Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle. After he was chased by several people, he discarded the knife in the back of truck and proceeded to remove all of his clothing. Morisette was naked when police found him and arrested him.

According to KOMO News, Morisette has a long history of violent crime and has been arrested 22 times over the last few years. In one instance, he was accused of punching a nurse and a patient at a mental health facility in West Seattle.

Doctors at Western State Hospital eventually deemed that Morisette was fit to stand trial for several of his crimes, but they did warn that he would have trouble maintaining stability while reentering society.

Two of the people injured in Tuesday’s attack were listed in satisfactory condition, according to KOMO News. The third victim received treatment at the scene but didn’t go to the hospital.


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