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Boquist’s wife details threats

SALEM, Oregon – State Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) is being investigated by House of Representatives and Senate conduct committees for alleged threats he made prior to the Republican’s walkout during the 2019 session. Now, those committees are learning that there are also threats against Boquist and his family.

Boquist has told reporters that before the walkout, he and his peers had been threatened by government officials in an attempt to stem the action that succeeded in blocking House Bill 2020, the cap and trade bill. Those threats have continued, according to his wife, who works in his office.

In testimony submitted to the committee, Peggy Boquist said that more than 30 threatening phone messages were left at the Salem office. She added that the threats are against her, her husband, their five living children, and what she termed “monstrous” comments against their son, who took his life in 2016.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has informed the Oregonian that those threats are being investigated. The threats also include two anonymous threatening letters and several emails.


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