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Cycle track will be lengthened

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – The city of College Place is moving forward on extending the cycle track down the south side of Fourth Street from Davis to College Avenue. Mayor Harvey Crowder said that when the city built the cycle track from Fourth Street to Academy Way, the city received a request from the Transportation Improvement Board to extend the cycle track.

Crowder said the city worked with the board on that request, and the result is that the cycle track extension project will begin next year. The project will also include improved street lightning.

“Day and night, between the schools (Rogers Adventist School and Walla Walla Valley Academy) and Walla Walla University, there’s quite a bit of foot traffic and we’d like for them to be safe and well-lit the entire year round,” Crowder said.

The grant for the extension has been accepted by the city and Crowder said the project will be going out for bid on construction next year, after engineering work is completed.


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