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City seeks ideas for old firehouse

Fire Station No. 1 in Pendleton will soon be vacant. Photo via the Pendleton Fire Department.

PENDLETON, Oregon – As Pendleton Fire & Ambulance prepares to move into its new station, officials for the city are preparing to decide what will come next for the old fire station on Southwest Court Avenue. Community Development Director Tim Simons says the city council isn’t looking for bids, it’s seeking the best plan.

“We’re issuing a request for proposals just to see if we can find someone who’s interested in developing, redeveloping, and re-using that property and possibly the building,” he said. “It’s not required that the building be re-used. We’ve really just tried to keep it general and open.”

Simons said the request will seek the answers to important questions.

“As a developer, give us your ideas,” he said. “What kind of partnership do you desire with the city? What do we get out of the deal? And, we obviously want it to be something that we believe will be some kind of an economic catalyst down in that area.”

Once the RFP is complete, Simons expects the due date to be in August, which is the month that staff will move to its new home. At that point, he said it’s up to the city council. They could decide on one idea, or they could pick the strongest finalists and pursue further discussions.

The city is well aware of mold and other problems in the fire station itself, which is why they are not requiring that the structure be re-used. The property at the corner of Northwest 10th Street near the Round-Up Grounds also includes two rental houses.


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