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Up a creek with a fee: Legislature considering fees for kayaks, canoes, etc.

SALEM, Oregon — If you use a kayak, canoe or another non-motorized boat longer than 10 feet, the Oregon Legislature is considering a new fee. The proposed two-year fee would charge non-motorized “boaters” $30.

State Rep. Christine Drazan (R-Canby) said kayaks, canoes and paddleboards are more inexpensive ways for people to get around on the water if they can’t afford a sailboat or motorized boat.

State Rep. Caddy McKeown (D-Coos Bay) said the vessels should pay for the services just like all other water vessels.

Some lawmakers also brought up concerns of the strain on tourism the rule could cause. A weekly permit under this proposal would cost $5 and that might confuse boaters from out of the state who know about the fee.

A system would also need to be established to collect the fee and produce the permits.

Some contingencies on the bill are being tweaked before it goes to Gov. Kate Brown for approval.


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